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Missed You and CLIA

My apologies!! It has been a while!!

One of my vacations since I last wrote, must be discussed is a mother-daughter trip to Anoka, Minnesota. In addition to being the capital of Halloween, Anoka is the best place in the world to spend your Halloween. It was such a special trip, so much fun, and will always be a memory I will treasure. I have learned that my mother has been diagnosed with not one, but two cancers (non-related). I was so grateful for this time with her. To see her laugh, to have joy it was the best. Spending some time with your parents, whether one-on-one or in a family group, is highly recommended. It has been a blessing for me to be able to go on vacation now with both my parents and just a few days with my mother.

I have also been super busy with the Travel Industry. Aside from becoming a member of CLIA, I've also taken courses to prepare for my future. Also, I have invested in the Travel Leaders Network - Group Travel Specialist program. It would be great to hear your ideas, mock trips (please let me know in advance), and of course any real requests for travel. Remember I not only book (although specialize) in Cruises, I can also book hotel rooms for a day or week, Theme Parks, Excursions, Air, and most everything.

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