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Mankato, MN --Hilton Garden Inn.

Earlier this week, we ventured into the cold tundra of Mankato, Minnesota and stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn. Our stay there was brief, just one night. I forgot to take pictures because we were so active!

Our hotel was near the Civic Center. There is a skyway connecting the two, which makes staying in the cold much easier if you have an event there. Upon entering, we were greeted by the front desk. When we checked in, they provided information regarding parking, our room, as well as important information like the swimming pool and hot tub hours.

We went directly to our room after parking the car. The room is cozy and nice. As usual, we selected the 2 queen beds, but there was so much more. The room came with a chair, a bar area for the fridge, microwave, and coffee, as well as a long desk with a bench and office chair. We were pleasantly surprised with the size of the room. The room was great!

Our next adventure was to try out the hot tub. We were not disappointed, it was extremely clean (some others were disgusting, even in this COVID era), and the jets are amazing!! It would have been nicer if it had been hotter, but maybe we're just picky.

It is highly recommended that you stay at the Hilton Garden Inn during your next trip to Mankato, MN.

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